New Allegations of Abuse and Misconduct Surface Against Actor Jonathan Majors

‘New York Times' investigation details claims from multiple individuals’
February 9, 2023
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Ubong Inyang
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Jonathan Majors finds himself embroiled in fresh allegations of misconduct and aggression, a mere stone's throw away from his recent legal troubles. Following a judge's ruling of guilt on one count of assault and one count of harassment against his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari, the actor now faces a barrage of accusations outlined in an in-depth exposé by The New York Times.

Drawing from legal documents and interviews with over 20 individuals spanning more than four months, the article sheds light on disturbing incidents involving Majors, with some interviewees opting to remain anonymous. Among the primary sources are two of Majors' former partners, Maura Hooper and Emma Duncan, who recount harrowing experiences of alleged threats, physical violence, and emotional manipulation at the hands of the 34-year-old actor.

According to the piece, Majors stands accused of hurling Duncan across a room and causing injuries in separate altercations. While Majors' attorney, Priya Chaudhry, disputes many of these claims, the gravity of the allegations remains undeniable.

One particularly poignant account comes from Hooper, who recalls a traumatic incident surrounding her abortion, during which she alleges that Majors callously abandoned her at a clinic. Later exchanges allegedly involve Majors resorting to derogatory language and expressing disturbing sentiments towards Hooper.

Instances of on-set behavior during the production of HBO's Lovecraft Country also come under scrutiny, with reports of Majors displaying temperamental conduct, particularly towards female colleagues. Production sources describe a pattern of dismissive and argumentative behavior towards women, prompting concerns among crew members.

Assistant director Jessica Pollini recounts a chilling encounter with Majors, during which she felt intimidated and belittled. Another assistant director, Lisa Zugschwerdt, recalls an unsettling incident where Majors allegedly made derogatory racial remarks.

In the face of these damning allegations, Majors adamantly maintains his innocence, asserting in a recent ABC News interview that he has never resorted to physical violence against women. However, the mounting evidence presented in The New York Times' expose paints a troubling picture, raising serious questions about the actor's conduct and character.

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