Welcome to Unruly, the definitive nexus of black fashion and culture on a global scale. Our passion is to document, celebrate, and illuminate the vibrant tapestry of black creativity that influences the world. We are not just storytellers; we are the storytellers of black culture, weaving narratives that are informative, engaging, and, above all, inspiring.

In a world where fashion and culture intersect to shape identities and communities, Unruly stands as a beacon of authenticity, shedding light on the influence and impact of black creativity. Our journey takes us across continents, into the heart of music, sports, entertainment, and beyond. We are more than media; we are the pulse of black culture, amplifying voices, trends, and stories that resonate worldwide.


To become the nexus of black fashion and culture worldwide, providing coverage and insights that are informative, engaging, and inspiring. To become the epicenter of this cultural phenomenon, delivering unparalleled coverage and insights that not only inform but also ignite conversations and inspire action. Together, we'll redefine the narrative, one story at a time.


These three goals are the beating heart of Unruly, guiding every story we tell and every step we take. Join us in this transformative journey as we inform, represent, and give a platform to the vibrant tapestry of black fashion and culture worldwide.


We are dedicated to keeping the world informed about the ever-evolving landscape of black fashion and culture. Our commitment to staying at the forefront of trends and developments allows us to deliver timely and insightful content that empowers our audience with knowledge and understanding.


Unruly aspires to represent the underrepresented on a global stage. We strive to stand shoulder to shoulder with industry giants, setting a new standard that reflects the diversity and richness of black creativity. By amplifying voices that have historically been unheard, we aim to redefine the narrative of black culture on a world scale.


In a world where recognition can be elusive for underground and emerging brands, creators, and culture custodians, Unruly serves as a platform of empowerment. We are the bridge that connects these innovators with a global audience, providing them with the visibility and recognition they rightfully deserve.


Welcome to the heart of Unruly, where the story of our journey begins. Unruly is not just a media company; it's a movement, a celebration of black fashion, culture, and creativity that knows no bounds. Our company was born from a passionate desire to rewrite the narrative, to shine a spotlight on the vibrant world of black culture and fashion, and to amplify voices that have long deserved recognition.


We invite you to delve deeper into the essence of Unruly

A company fueled by innovation, empowerment, and a relentless commitment to informing, representing, and giving a platform to the underrepresented.

Unruly's journey began with two college roommates who shared an insatiable passion for fashion, pop culture, and the immersive world of media. Their nights were filled with reading articles from renowned platforms like Hypebeast, Complex, and Highsnobiety. Yet, amidst their admiration for these platforms, a profound idea began to take shape—a vision to create something equally remarkable but with a unique twist: a media platform owned and curated by Africans, offering a fresh perspective on global fashion and culture.

As they delved deeper into this concept, an undeniable gap emerged—a stark absence of a single platform that exclusively documented black fashion and culture at a worldwide standard. While there were a few small players in the field, no one had yet taken the reins to elevate black creativity to the global stage it rightfully deserved. Thus, the seed for Unruly was planted—a platform destined to grow into a thriving community dedicated to showcasing the brilliance of black fashion and lifestyle while adhering to the highest world media standards. Unruly was born out of the conviction that every facet of black creativity, from fashion to lifestyle, deserved a platform that left no doubt about its worthiness on the world stage.

This is the story of Unruly— ’’a journey fueled by innovation, empowerment, and a relentless commitment to rewriting the narrative of black fashion and culture on a global scale.’’ - ToBI EFUNNOWO: FOUNDER, UNRULY MEDIA


A content-rich hub that provides the latest news, trends, and insights in the world of black fashion and culture.


A creative studio offering end to end solutions to brands who want to connect with black audiences.


A digital magazine focused on extensive narratives on a wide spectrum of topics that mirror the pulse of culture.


A deep dive into conversations with the brightest minds and talents across various creative fields



Harnessing the expertise of our in-house planning and strategy team, Unruly Advertising specializes in crafting precisely tailored advertising initiatives and unique partnerships designed to resonate with our distinctive audience—discerning black cultural enthusiasts, tastemakers, and influencers. The specialized content, paired with premium positioning, offers your brand an exclusive opportunity to connect authentically within our influential community, ensuring your message resonates with precision and impact.


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