Kid Cudi Earns Honorary Master's Degree in Fashion Design

Istituto Marangoni Miami recognizes Cudi's significant impact on the fashion landscape.
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December 11, 2023
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Tobi Efunnowo
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Kid Cudi has achieved a noteworthy milestone, officially being recognized as a scholar. Scott Mescudi was awarded an honorary Master's degree in fashion from the Instituto Marangoni Miami last week. The accomplished artist shared his joy and gratitude in an Instagram post, featuring a photo of himself donning a custom-made cap and gown alongside his mother.

Expressing his feelings about the "prestigious honor," Cudi wrote, "Today was a really special day. Man, words can't really express how I felt/feel now in this moment. I'm happy, I feel complete, accomplished, and validated—all the things that bring immense joy. My mom sharing this moment with me was everything. She got emotional, and it was such a special memory we'll have together forever." Cudi, who did not have a traditional academic journey, went on to say, "I never walked across any stage. I got my GED in high school and only did a year of college. My mom finally got to see me achieve what I thought I'd never do. And it was beautiful. Thank you to @istitutomarangoni_miami, the whole staff/faculty, and ESPECIALLY the STUDENTS (THE FUTURE!!) for welcoming me and my family and friends with open arms and blessing me with this prestigious honor."

This recognition follows Cudi's successful venture with his brand, Members of the Rage, spanning two seasons. Additionally, he recently revealed a new collaboration with NIGO for a brand named WZRD CWBY. The Instituto Marangoni Miami acknowledged Cudi's achievements and impact on modern fashion and luxury on its Instagram page, stating, "This honorary degree recognizes Scott’s accomplishments and vision in shaping the scene of modern fashion and luxury with Members of the Rage. Recognizing the inspiration he is to young creatives is an honor for us to present this to the world of fashion worldwide and also a statement in the continuous pursuit of education in fashion and design, it is the future and the present of creativity." The school pledged to donate the proceeds from the pop-up to their scholarship fund.

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