Kanye West Reportedly Seeking to Acquire Lil Durk's Recording Contract

Ye's interest reportedly piqued following the release of his controversial new song "Vultures," featuring Lil Durk.
November 28, 2023
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Tobi Efunnowo
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Kanye West is keen on extending his collaboration with Lil Durk and is reportedly exploring the possibility of buying out Durkio’s contract with 300 Records. This decision came after the successful release of their new track, "Vultures," alongside Ty Dolla Sign and Bump J.

Sources reveal that Todd Moscowitz, co-founder of 300 Records and current CEO of Alamo Records, did not grant clearance for Durk to feature on another song from Kanye's upcoming album. Notably, Durk and Kanye had previously collaborated on Cardi B's "Hot Shit" in mid-2022.

The first live performance of "Vultures" took place at Blu Dubai, where Ye, Durk, Ty, and Bump J shared the stage. This event followed reports of Kanye and Ty Dolla Sign working on their joint project in Alula, Saudi Arabia. Recently, Kanye was spotted enjoying the company of Ty, Chris Brown, and Bianca Censori at the Royal Atlantic Hotel in Dubai, where they listened to "Vultures."

In the lyrics of the song, Kanye addresses his past anti-semitism controversy with the line, "How I'm anti-semitic, I just fucked a Jewish bitch." This follows a history of controversial remarks by West, including statements expressing his views on Jewish people. Chris Brown also faced criticism for being associated with West while listening to the contentious song.

Responding to the backlash, Brown clarified on Instagram Stories, "In no way shape or form am I anti-semitic!!! I’m pro life and I make music for the entire world!!!!!! So please do not get tricked into thinking I spread hate or am kool with it! This [is] for the millions of young kids that look up to [me] and [might] be confused."

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