Virgil Abloh's Ghana Skatepark Faces Closure After Two Years

Hope and controversy collide as beloved community hub hangs in the balance.
January 8, 2023
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Ubong Inyang
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Merely two years after its inauguration, Virgil Abloh's Freedom Skatepark in Ghana is currently facing closure, attributing the shutdown to issues with contractors. The haven for Ghanaian skaters, conceptualized by the late fashion designer, has been shut down due to complications with contractors.

Designer Wole Olosunde took to Instagram to share the news of the park's closure, revealing that during his visit to Ghana, he discovered the Freedom Skatepark closed, with a cement wall erected to prevent skaters from accessing it. The skatepark has reportedly been shut for almost a year, and not much progress has been made since issues arose last year. Olosunde's Instagram post expressed his disappointment, stating, "One of his last projects before he passed. I left heartbroken and confused because why [the f**k] is no one talking about or fighting for this? Apparently, another owner has shown up, stormed the park, built a cement wall, and then poured sand through the park to keep all skaters out. It has been like this for almost a full year, leaving these kids with nowhere to skate."

He continued, addressing the wider community, "[Virgil Abloh] did so much for the world in his time here. Why can't anyone do this for him? [Louis Vuitton] could solve this problem with their pocket change. All his 'rich' artist friends, put your money where your mouth is and let it talk." The news reached Travis Scott, who commented under the post, expressing his concern and willingness to take action: "MAN, WHAT? WHAT WE DOING? LET ME KNOW WHAT WE GOTTA DO TO GET MY [BROTHER'S] PARK BACK GOING, PLEASE."

In 2022, Scott co-headlined the Mirror Mirror Music Festival, a tribute to Virgil, organized by his widow, Shannon Abloh. The event took place during Art Basel in Miami, with all proceeds benefiting the late designer's eponymous foundation.

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