Daily Paper Drops SS24: Tracksuits, Denim, and More in Rich Textures and Bold Tones

Explore vibrant designs, bold prints, and coordinating sets inspired by global rhythm and shared experiences.
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February 9, 2023
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Tobi Efunnowo
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Daily Paper

Amsterdam's renowned streetwear label, Daily Paper, has consistently been anchored in the celebration of culture, with apparel acting as its evolving medium reflecting societal facets each season. In its upcoming Spring/Summer 2024 collection, the brand shifts its focus to the potent theme of rhythm.

Whether experienced domestically or internationally, this rhythm transcends mere movement; it encompasses feelings of security and the act of creation. The brand aims to delve into these aspects throughout the upcoming season, stating, "The Spring/Summer 24 collection reflects an individual’s journey in searching for, recognizing, and creating one’s rhythm."

The collection features an array of pieces, including jackets, coordinating sets, tracksuits, hoodies, denim, tees, and more. What truly animates the wardrobe are the introduction of new patterns, graphic details, and diverse silhouettes. Notable highlights encompass a rust-colored textured tracksuit, a fresh black leather coat, and a deep blue denim coordinating set adorned with elevated Daily Paper logo details. The incorporation of novel prints and graphic elements serves to spotlight the global community of individuals discovering their rhythm, a sentiment at the heart of the Daily Paper ethos. Explore the captivating new collection through the campaign video above and gallery below. Daily Paper's SS24 collection is now available both in-store and online.

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