Childish Gambino Drops Cryptic Instagram Post: Anniversary Celebration or New Music Tease?

Fans abuzz with speculation as Gambino's enigmatic post sparks theories about "Because the Internet" tribute or upcoming releases.
December 11, 2023
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Williams Falodun
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Donald Glover, known for his musical endeavors under the stage name Childish Gambino, has sparked speculation about an upcoming project.

In a brief 20-second video shared on Instagram shortly after a surprise Instagram Live session, ambient cheers can be heard in the background alongside distorted visuals featuring pillars and what appears to be a fireplace. Notably, the video is housed within a private @ChildishGambino Instagram account. While the account lacks a verification checkmark, it was previously utilized to announce the Swarm EP.

The visual content is extracted from the introduction of Glover's Deep Web tour, which supported the album Because the Internet—marking its tenth anniversary on the day of posting. This has led to conjecture that Glover might be gearing up for the release of tour visuals, reissued material, or potentially unreleased songs from those recording sessions. While an anniversary tour seems less probable, there is a chance that new music could be on the horizon, as Glover hinted in a Complex interview that fresh Childish Gambino music could "be clear sooner rather than later."

In addition to his musical pursuits, Glover has been involved in various recent projects, including the Amazon Prime Video series Swarm, multiple Star Wars ventures, the lead role in the reimagining of Mr. and Mrs. Smith, and the confirmation of his participation in the upcoming Community movie, reprising his role as Troy Barnes.

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