Beyond the Button-Up: Spencer Badu's Collection 013 Delights with Knit Ties and Flight Jackets

Classic silhouettes get a modern twist with unexpected textures and unexpected pairings.
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February 19, 2024
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Tobi Efunnowo
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Spencer Badu's creative vision is deeply rooted in the concept of the uniform. Rejecting the notion of fashion as reserved for special occasions, Badu emphasizes utility, durability, and functionality in his designs. This philosophy forms the foundation of his Collection 013 for Spring/Summer 2024, offering a fresh perspective on traditional dress codes.

Breaking down the conventional three-piece suit, Badu introduces a playful twist to classic styles. Knitted wool shirts feature tie graphic intarsia, creating a captivating trompe-l’oeil effect, while structured coats and flight jackets replace traditional blazers. Camouflage patterns adorn fitted tops with intricate sewing techniques, and vests are reimagined with innovative closures and transformed head openings.

The collection transcends binary structures, embracing an 'in-between' essence that blends future-forward elements with rich historical influences. This design philosophy is evident in crinkled rugby shirts and cargo shorts that pay homage to African garments through the use of lavish materials, reflecting Badu's Ghanaian heritage. Additionally, cotton-blend tops with yoke detailing and creased shorts offer a modern reinterpretation of traditional styles.

"I've learned to forge my own path," remarks the designer. "My strength lies in embracing authenticity."

In Collection 013, Spencer Badu's unique perspective shines through, as he subtly reinvents the conventional uniform with his distinctive flair.

Step into the world of Spencer Badu's Collection 013 through the captivating gallery below.

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