AHLUWALIA FW24: A Journey Through Nigerian Folklore Meets Sculptural Denim with Levi's

The designer weaves fantastical tales into vibrant textiles, partnering with Levi's on a statement-making collaboration.
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February 19, 2024
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Tobi Efunnowo
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Priya Ahluwalia's namesake label has once again graced the London Fashion Week schedule, continuing its tradition of celebrating her African heritage with captivating collections that speak volumes.

For Fall/Winter 2024, AHLUWALIA channels Nigerian folkloric narratives through powerful storytelling, debuting her collection at London's Methodist Central Hall in Westminster. The expansive venue was transformed with repositioned flora and fauna, as birdsong filled the air, evoking a primal atmosphere. Drawing inspiration from cultural tales heard in her childhood and the works of contemporary artists with global influence, Ahluwalia weaves a tapestry of Nigerian mythology, symbolizing a new chapter for the vibrant nation.

The FW24 collection delves into Nigerian folklore with outdoor-inspired motifs, featuring fantastical trees and mystical creatures. Local textiles take center stage, incorporating traditional Igbo body painting techniques. Draping methods are employed to accentuate the human form with asymmetrical silhouettes, while bold prints and patterns adorn cutout dresses and everyday shirts. Knitted cardigans showcase geometric illustrations and gradient finishes, while Indian saris are reimagined as hooded wraps in vivid hues, transforming into sleek suits and athletic attire.

In a momentous debut, Ahluwalia unveils her first collaboration with Levi's, presenting three reworked silhouettes that serve as sculptural masterpieces. Winged figures and paneled trench coats captivate the audience, while essential trucker jackets and flared bottoms feature faded checkered patterns inspired by reptilian textures.

Explore AHLUWALIA's FW24 collection in closer detail in the gallery below.

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